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Konnor's Birth Story
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Konnor Reid
January 29, 2006

Konnor was scheduled to arrive via csection on February 3, 2006 but had his own plans. Saturday, January 28 was my husband's birthday and we were busy all day preparing for the upcoming arrival of our son. My in-laws had plans to take us all out for dinner to celebrate our birthdays (mine was Jan. 7). I really didn't feel like going so we decided we would go on Sunday night. Around 10pm I went to the bathroom and noticed I was leaking fluid. It gradually increased along with mucus. Holy crap! I've gone into labor. This is my fourth csection and I had never gone into labor. I called my OB and was told to head to L&D. I had to pack Kylie a bag for Grandma's house and it was all I could do to walk around without leaking everywhere. My two oldest were at a teen event and my husband had to pick them up, bring them home, let them pack and then we had to drop them all off at my in-laws. On the way to the hospital I began having contractions and they were 8 min apart. While the nurse was entering my information into the computer, my water broke and I freaked out. They quickly got me into a room and I was given something to slow down the contractions and the csection was scheduled for 7am on the 29th. Konnor Reid entered the world via csection on January 29, 2006 weighing 7lb 12oz and 19 inches long.


Thanks again to all of you who have been supportive of me during my TR journey and my pregnancies.  For those of you still on the TTC journey, I wish you the best and always remember ~*~God's Delays Are NOT God's Denials~*~ 


Konnor's Growth Chart
01/29/06 - 7lbs 12oz - 19in
02/13/06 - 8lbs 5.5oz - 20.5in
03/30/06 - 12lbs 5oz - 22.25in
05/31/06 - 15lbs 10oz - 24.5in
07/31/06 - 18lbs 1oz - 26.25in
11/03/06 - 19lbs 9oz - 28in
01/30/07 - 21lbs 7oz - 29.5in
04/30/07 - 23lbs 2oz - 31in
01/30/08 - 26lbs - 34in
01/30/09 - 29lbs - 36.5in



~*~God's Delays Are NOT God's Denials~*~