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Tammy K

Another Miracle in the Making

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Miracle in the Making
Kylie's Birth Story
Another Miracle in the Making
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Yes, you read it correctly.  We are expecting another addition to the family in February 2006.

May 29, 2005 - I tested + early this am and was in total shock.  I did not tell Kevin and later went to my Mom's for the Memorial Day weekend. 
May 31, 2005 - I tested + again and went for my first beta and progesterone.  Beta was 146 and progesterone was 21.5.  I had Kylie to tell Kevin that she was going to be a BIG sissy and he was in total shock.
June 2, 2005 - Second beta was 352 and progesterone was 18.9.
June 9, 2005 - Third beta was 8358 and progesterone was 20.3.
June 10, 2005 - I had a placement u/s and baby is in the uterus.
June 28, 2005 - First OB appt and baby measured 8w0d and heartbeat was 160bpm.  We discussed csection date of Feb. 2 or 3. Next appt is July 26.
July 26, 2005 - I have lost 8lbs since my last appt. and the nurse practitioner wasn't too thrilled.  I have to go back in one week for a weight check and then my next OB appt. is August 23.  Today the baby's HB was 159.
August 2, 2005 - I gained back 2lbs. and the m/s seems to be subsiding finally.
August 23, 2005 - My weight is back up and today the HB was 146.  Next appt. is scheduled for Sept. 20 for u/s to hopefully determine the sex.
September 20, 2005 - It's a BOY for us! Heartrate measured 142 and all the body parts are where they are supposed to be and functioning properly. The u/s tech even took extra pictures to share with some students who are studying for their OB registration. The baby weighs approximately 14 ounces and is measuring 21 weeks (one week ahead). Kylie's femur and humerus measured 3 weeks behind at 20 weeks. So we have a very healthy baby boy. 

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Baby Klueger

October 18, 2005 - Heartrate was 151 and he is measuring 25 weeks (one week ahead).  My next appt. is November 8 for the one hour glucose test.  The next regular OB appt is November 16 then I'll start going every two weeks.
November 8, 2005 - I failed the 1hr glucose test.  Number should be below 140 and mine was 166.  I will have to take the 3hr glucose test within the next week.  Baby's heartrate was 138 today.  My appt. for Nov. 16 got changed to Nov.22.
November 22, 2005 - I passed the 3hr glucose test.  Today's appointment was rushed because the OB was running behind.  Baby's hr was 130 and I'm still measuring bigger.  Next appt. is December 6.
December 6, 2005 - Heartrate was 130 and still measuring ahead 1-2weeks.  Csection is scheduled for February 3 at 7am.  I have to be at the hospital at 5am.  Next appt. is December 20.
December 20, 2005 - Heartrate was 148 and still measuring a little ahead.  Next appt. is January 6.
January 6, 2006 - Heartrate was 138 and he is head down.  Cervix is high and closed.  I had the Strep B test done and should have results at next appt. January 13.
January 13, 2006 - Heartrate was 154 and still measuring ahead.  Next appt. is January 20.
January 20, 2006 - Heartrate was 148 and I measured 1.5wks ahead.  Strep B test was negative.  Next appt. is January 27.
January 27, 2006 - Heartrate was in the 130s.  Even though I have had contractions since Wednesday the OB says the cervix is closed. 

~*~God's Delays Are NOT God's Denials~*~